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Donovan Blanc - Donovan Blanc

Cameron answers the door call from Janice aka "the girl Apt. 6B", she mistakes him for Robbie and questions why didn't accept her event then thanks for grocery's he (Robbie) brought her.

The Rip

The Brinks

Camille, Linus & Kirsten toast to solving the case when Kristen decides to get Cameron; Kristen watches Cameron, she sees his chest scar before spots her and closes the door; Someone watches the gang

My Old Ways

Future Monarchs - Weird Weather - EP

Cameron, Linus, Camille & Kirsten move surveillance gear into Cameron apartment, Cameron begins to freakout as the others begin to make themselves comfortable in this apartment.

Different Coast

Suburban Living - Suburban Living

Camille & Linus show Cameron & Kirsten, Janice aka "the girl from Apt. 6B" from across the street, the peer into her apartment she retrieves two beers and comes to the window and invites them over.

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