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Naina Re Naina

Ali Khan Band

Linus and Camille arrive for dinner with his parents

Mere Zindagi

Ali Khan Band

Linus and Camille have dinner with his parents

Jan Jan

Ali Khan Band

Linus puts his mother's ring on Camille While they have dinner with his parents

All the Other Girls

Avid Dancer - 1st Bath

Fisher, Kirsten and Cameron question Hauser

Wild Hearts

Seven Davis Jr.

Kirsten has premonition of Mia's launch party

Till Sunrise (feat. Mammals)

Goldroom - Till Sunrise (feat. Mammals) - Single

Kirsten stands outside of the gallery before heading inside to Mia's fashion show where she spots Cameron, she questions his presence at the launch and he tells flashes her his invitation.

A Golden Light

MyKill & Walker

Liam surprises Kirsten at Mia's launch party

Cease for Love

Death and a Cure - Red Sky Night

Kirsten & Liam cook breakfast for themselves then head into the dinning room when Kristen phone chimes with a message from Cameron, Liam asks her about her job then about his proposal to her.

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