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Long Road

The Tremeloes

As Ted steps out of his house, he is met with well-wishes from people, encouraging him for the upcoming game.

Fought & Lost (feat. Brian May)

Sam Ryder

Ted shares a dinner with his mother. Meanwhile, Bex and Rupert's secretary head to Rebecca's house and inquire if they can come inside.

The Puppy Song

Harry Nilsson - You've Got Mail (Music from the Motion Picture)

The team is watching a movie, and a song is playing in the background. Keeley sits next to Roy, who asks her how things went with Jamie. She replies that she made it worse.

Over the Rainbow

Harry Nilsson - You've Got Mail (Music from the Motion Picture)

As the players watch a scene from "You've Got Mail" featuring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, some of them start to cry.

Football Is Mostly Life

Marcus Mumford

After winning the match, Ted receives congratulations from Pep Guardiola. Both Ted and Coach Beard are starstruck by the encounter.

Fat Bottomed Girls

Queen - Jazz

The team happily disembarks from the bus, celebrating their victorious game and enjoying some well-deserved beers.


Brandi Carlile

End credits song.

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