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Show Me the Way

The Smoke Healers - Show Me the Way

Opening scene; "Briana's House" Brianna is happy for Danae when he undergoes top surgery.

Sweet Victory

Tiger Jeans

Transition to Brianna gets her nails done with a friend.

Bring It


Transition to Madsionville, TN, Rachel gets ready for her baby shower.

The Time Is Right Now

JM-N - Alive

Rachel and her friends leave for the baby shower.

Through the Fire

The Federal - Every Moment - EP

Rachel and her friends & family play baby shower games. Rachel examines baby shower presents.

Show Me A Sign


(featuring Wednesday) Transition to Norfolk, VA and Kiaya and her girlfriend Teazha get snowcones.

Losing My Mind

OYSTER KIDS - Losing My Mind - Single

Coming out of commercial break, transition to DeKalb, IL and Kayla getting ready for her boyfriend Luke’s basketball game with her friend Annabell.

Get Together

Stella Mwangi

Transition to Kishwakee College Student Center and Kayla watching Luke's game.


JM-N - Alive

Transition to Vallejo, CA; Ashley, Bar & Holly shopping for a dress for Holly's christening.


Chloe Tang - Hangover - Single

Coming out of commercial break, "Rachel's House" Rachel talks to Malorie about ending her relationship with Drew. Continues in transition to Rachel meeting her friend Jacob.

I Know Enough

Nicholas Roberts - I Know Enough

Transition to "Brianna's House" and Brianna preparing to call Danae to congratulate him on his surgery.

Lucky Ones

Maya Payne - The Lucky Ones - EP

Coming out of commercial break to Ashley, Bar & Holly in a restaurant worrying about her daughter’s upcoming christening.

Up In Flames


Brianna talks to Danae on FaceTime.


Porsche Love - Pre Love - EP

Transition to Kiaya attending her doctor’s appointment.

Like You More

LeyeT - Like You More - Single

Coming out of commercial break to Kayla driving with Izaiah, stressing about the possibility of Luke moving out of state. Continues in transition to Luke practicing basketball.

Long Lights

Laminate Pet Animal - Panama - EP

Transition to Brianna thinking about and feeling worse after her call with Danae.

How We Do

Red Red Lips

Coming out of commercial break to Rachel getting her nails done with her sister Malorie & friend Sierra.

Drip Drop

LeyeT - thoughts - EP

Transition to Kiaya & her girlfriend Teazha telling her mom she wants to move in to help out.

Breathing Oxygen

Zayde Wølf - Modern Alchemy (Deluxe)

Coming out of commercial break to "Ashley's House" and Ashley talks to her mom Pastor Tea about Holly’s christening.

Give In

OYSTER KIDS - Give In - Single

Transition to Kayla and Luke furniture shopping.

All of These Thoughts

Crystal - All of These Thoughts

End montage beginning with Kayla taking a pregnancy test.

Show Me The Way

SFP 1740


Long Nights

Laminate Paper Animals

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