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Can I Take You Home

21st Century

Soul song starts as Noah picks up rock in Lobster Roll and plays thru as Noah sits in diner and Margaret gives him a Xanax, Helen shows up & joins them, Margaret & Helen leave & Alison sits down

Elizabeth Browning

The Motor Tom - Super Sexy Space Station

First song playing on radio as the leave party (tail lights of car) Then Helen switches stations.... 

San Francisco Days

Chris Isaak - Best of Chris Isaak (Remastered)

Helen singing along to the radio in the car with Noah

Good Times

Ray Bonneville - Bad Man's Blood

Just after the Alison & Cole on the beach scene Song plays while Alison studies the rocks on the table Picks one up & takes it Then looks at Noah & Helen

Got No Reason

21st Century - LA's Silver Soul

Plays in background at END of scene just after Cole tells Scotty he won't be a partner but stay sober longer & we'll see  SEE QUESTIONS BELOW for MORE info about background music in this entire scene

Save Your Love

Soul Patrol

Plays after confrontation between Cole & Scotty about making him a partner as Scotty & Alison go out on porch of the Lobster Roll

The House of the Rising Sun

Colin Donnell

Scotty sings at Cole's wedding with Streets Of Laredo 

April Come She Will (Simon & Garfunkel COVER)

Lame Wedding Band

Wedding band (Streets Of Laredo) plays COVER of this while Alison & Noah slow dance & discuss damage to the car & what happened EDIT: According to Showtime LWB has a name Streets Of Laredo

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