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Silent Night (Vocal Version)

John Fox - A Nostalgic Christmas

(8 years ago) Claire meets with Hank in prison, he question how she's able to see him in jail when she isn't on his visitors list tells tell him she been elected mayor then asks him where Adam is.

granite feast

shadrack chameleon

At a diner, Hank checks through his BLT for glass then puts a back together to eat; Hank tells a lawyer that he would like to sue to Warrens for slander and defamation.

This Is the Last Time

The National - Trouble Will Find Me

Danny leaves after confronting Bridey; Willa masturbates to thoughts of Bridey; Gabe gives Nina honey; Doug goes down into his hole; John breaks the restraining order, John sees him; Hank is attacked

Lazy Bones

Witch - Lazy Bones!!

As search for the white van, Gabe comments on Nina's eating habits and lack of joy then tells her a story about himself and his husband, Jonah, and how they found their joy after letting go.

All I Want For Christmas (Acoustic Version)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

(8 years ago) Claire stumbles upon a necklace X-mas present in John's things; the family open gifts Claire doesn't get necklace from John; Claire drives byes Nina and see her with John.

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