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Hold Out

Aly & AJ

Lexi comes to Nelly before her surgery, Lexi attempts to explain their relationship and show their dynamic came to form through a shared childhood memory afterwards the two come together plan a future where they work together again.

Low Tide

Tom Rhodes & Hustle Standard

Shaun expresses his anger Salen and the situations she has gotten the hospital into and caused to Aaron, he vows to do something about it; Salen drinks Marcus a drink as she attempts to comfort him over Nelly's almost death; Shaun expresses his anger to Salen then announces the resigning of his job to her and Marcus.

The Magnificent Seven

Elmer Bernstein - The Magnificent Seven (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Aaron comes to Audrey, he tells her that he's "in" on her mission to take down Salen.

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