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Better in Color

Lizzo - Cuz I Love You (Super Deluxe)

Finley sneaks out of someone's house and zips through Silver Lake on a bicycle.


Lil Tecca

Angie, Bette's daughter, listens to music as she dyes her hair blue and texts with her friend Jordi.

Yes, I Know

The Pack A.D. - Positive Thinking

Shane steps off a plane.

Sur les bords de la Seine

Marina Céleste - Acidulé

Bette Alice and Shane catch up at a restaurant.

Time Flies

Rico Nasty

Angie walks into school and gets a text from Jordi.

BIG BANK (feat. 2 Chainz, Big Sean & Nicki Minaj)


Angie ditches school and rides in her friend Jordi's car; (repeats) Angie and Jordi are hanging out in Echo Park.

i'll die anyway.

girl in red

Shane arrives home to her new house with boxes of furniture waiting for her in the driveway.


Le Tigre

Intro to the Alice Show.

Matter of Time

Sharon Jones - Soul of a Woman

Bette goes on the ALICE talk show to talk about the mayoral campaign. The studio plays entrance music for Bette.

Low Key

broox - Out / Through - EP

Montage of all of our main characters at the end of the day.

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