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The Young Romans - Tiger Child

Mads and Ethan run into each other at the Chelsea Creek Music Festival.

Hang On (feat. Ernie Halter)

Kari Kimmel - From the Vault

Mads goes to the cabin to talk to Sutton.

Free Free

Michele Jusko

Rebecca & Sutton discuss their plan while floating in a pool.


Twirl - Fallen - Single

While painting their nails, Sutton tells Rebecca about Laurel & Emma's plan to get Ted & Kristin back together.

Dyin' 4 'U

The Distortoblues - Running 4 My Life

Sutton talks Ethan take a ride on his motorcycle.

Don't Stop Again


Ethan helps Sutton with her sprained

Hang On

Kari Kimmel ft Ernie Halter

Mads stops by the cabin to check on Sutton's ankle.


Young Romans

Mads talks to Ethan about the consequences of her dad's arrest & Sutton's fake sprained ankle.

In The Grey

The Good Mad

Performed by Laurel & her band at the music festival; Ted & Kristin start arguing in the audience.

Dyin 4 U

The Distortoblues - Running 4 My Life

Sutton and Ethan go on a motorcycle ride.

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