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Have U Found What’s Wrong With Me Yet

Jacqui Sandell

Mads asks Ethan for help with keeping the truth about Sutton & Emma from Laurel; Laurel asking Ethan if he thinks Sutton's been acting erratic.

Jacqui Sandell

Have U Found What’s Wrong With Me Yet

Dan proposes to Theresa, she accepts.

Villa Loca

Made Up Music / 5 Alarm Music Library

Alec talks to Dan at his engagement party. Sutton stands nearby to listen.

Villa Loca

Made Up Music / 5 Alarm Music

Theresa tells Sutton about Dan's proposal; Dan is told that he can no longer investigate the Derek Rogers case; Sutton eavesdrops as Alec gives Dan his congratulations then asks Dan to find proof he's innocent.

Honest Feedback

Saint Motel

Thayer tells Emma she doesn't have to go through everything alone, then they decide to do another search for Emma & Sutton's birth mother.

Simple Things

New Cassettes - Ep 3 - EP

Ted tells Alec about Sutton finding an old journal of Kristin's; Sutton informs Alec that Kristin mentioned being in love with him in her journal.


Middle Distance Runner - Middle Distance Runner - EP

Jordan asks Mads why she refuses to acknowledge what's between them, then they kiss.

Don't Forget That You Love Me

Sunny Side Up

Theresa & Dan talk about continuing the Derek Roger's investigation.

Something Incredible

Alex Petrounov - Something Incredible

Jordan tells Mads he owes Rebecca for the support she's given him.

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