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Glory Is Forever

Boolfight - Feral (Expanded Edition)

00:11 Stone works out at the gym.

When the Pain Stops Killing Me

Carlos Guitarlos

00:12 Stone is eating chips in the bar when the accountant comes in and tells him about the maxed out credit cards.

Without Your Love

Chiara Morucci - Italian Modern Tunes

Plays as Stone is opening cat food in his apartment kitchen

Wondering (Vocal Version)

Chiara Morucci - Italian Modern Tunes

00:27 Stone gets home and pets the cat.


Chiara Morucci - Italian Modern Tunes

Plays as Stone gets home, walks down the hall with rubber gloves on & proceeds to pet the cat

The Trial of Ed Crane [The Man who wasn't there - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Soundtrack - The Man Who Wasn't There - OST

(COMPOSER: Carter Burwell) Freddy fashions a blade shiv with a toothbrush in his cell; Box staring at all his gifts in the bar; Naz distracts the guard while Freddy walks by slitting Petey's throat.

Yeh Meri Ibadat Nahin

Sabri Brothers - New Qawwali's By Sabri Brothers

Nazir's father is at a pawn shop selling jewelry and other valuables for money to pay for his son's lawyer.

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