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Summer Guest

The Go Find

The song plays in the background as Marissa and Alex hang out in the morning and Marissa decides to skip school and surf with Alex.

Reason Why

Rachel Yamagata

The artist sings the song on camera at the Bait Shop while Marissa walks in and finds Alex. Later Lindsay Wakes Ryan up at the hospital and drives him home.


The Reindeer Section - Music from the O.C. Mix 4

when seth and summer are in her bedroom and she's posing for him


M Craft

The song plays in the background at the Bait Shop as Alex asks Marissa what exactly it is they are doing.

Everybody Come Down

The Delgados - Universal Audio

The song plays as Summer and Seth talk about his drawings for the comic, and whether or not they can work together without weirdness.

Reason Why

Rachael Yamagata - Happenstance (Deluxe Version)

The artist sings this at the Bait Shop where Marissa and Alex hold hands; Lindsay and Ryan hold hands at the hospital.

The Bully

Sia - Colour the Small One (Bonus Track Version)

The song plays in the background as Summer and Marissa talk about having a "moment" with someone, and whether or not to try something out.

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