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Faking The Books

Louis XIV

The song plays as Alex meets Julie and Marissa tells her mother that she has a girlfriend. The song plays as Marissa tells Alex that she told Julie about their relationship. The song later plays as Seth asks Alex for his job back and finds out about Marissa and Alex. The song later plays as Seth gets Ryan to help move his boat into the pool and Seth tells Ryan about Alex and Marissa.

No Easy Way To Say Goodbye

Joel Evans and Friends

The song plays as Julie and Kirsten compare woes and drink Caleb's scotch at the office.

No Rain

Blind Melon - Blind Melon

Opening scene when it shows the rain storm and Ryan and Seth talk to each other on the phone

Save It For A Rainy Day


The song plays as Sandy meets Rebecca at a roadside diner and tries to convince her to stay.

Champagne Supernova

Matt Pond PA - Music from the O.C. Mix 4

At the end where summer finds Seth hanging from the roof- the upside down SpiderMan kiss epic!

In Every Sunflower

Bell X1

When Rebecca says goodbye to Sandy after the car crash

God Killed the Queen

Louis XIV - The Best Little Secrets Are Kept

Where Seth walks in to see marissa is dating alex

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