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The Blues Got Me Rockin'

Champion Jack Dupree - Two Below Zero

(Flashback) Vincent practices magic openly outside of the Quarter when Eva arrives home and informs him that she ventured inside the Quarter to see Sophie Deveraux who told her she's pregnant.

Life's a Bell

Langhorne Slim & The Law - The Spirit Moves

Hayley arrives outside the gazebo out find that Elijah has set a romantic setting; Eljiah tells Hayley he was wrong to call her a Maekelson as she something better, something he loves and tells him she loves him too then kisses him; Elijah and Hayley makeout as make it back to room and begin to have sex.

C'mon (feat. GRiZ)

Big Gigantic - Brighter Future

After escaping, Keelin finds herself outside of a bar she searches the parking lot for a open car until she finds one with a set of keys; she readies to leave when Freya finds and attacks her.

Cruel World

Phantogram - Three

Freya offers Keelin a deal; Hayley decides Klaus and Elijah are both comes back to New Orleans; (flashback) Vincent tries to rid Eva of her demon; a complied Will takes the children back.

Diminuendo (feat. Britt Warner)


Hope is walking and sees Klaus with blue eyes.

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