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Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Cyndi Lauper - Riding In Cars With Boys (Music from the Motion Picture)

Velasquez starts the dance compilation against Gordon, John and Ed.

Western Simulation

Joel McNeely

Ed, Gordon and John in the Environmental Simulator.

Asteroid Destroyed/Relieved of Duty

Joel McNeely

The crew of the Orville breaks up an extremely large asteroid on a collision course with planet Elnath 4 with a "cutting beam" followed by a "shoving beam" to move the pieces out of the path of the planet; Ed and Kelly are alerted of Bortus call for a transfer; Ed relieves Bortus of duty.



(Destiny's Child cover) Kelly recites the lyrics of Destiny's Child as wise words in return of Brotus' wise words quoted from Gondus Elden.

Arriving on Moclus

Joel McNeely

The Orville and Moclan Fleet ship captained by Vorak arrive at Moclus; Ed, Kelly, Claire, Alara, John and Gordon arrive down to the planet via shuttlecraft as they do they see how industrialized the planet is and learn of their haphazard use of the planet as a testing zone for weapons.

Trip to the Mountains

Joel McNeely

Ed, John and Alara their way into the mountains on Moclus; Returning with Ed, John and Alara, Heveena makes herself known to the court.

Tribunal Adjourned/Epilogue

Joel McNeely

The Molcan courts arbitrator adjourns the tribunal sending the decision to the arbitration council; (repeats) [0:38] the trial is officially adjourned after the council's decision; Bortus is left alone to brood in the courtroom; the baby is returned to Bortus and Klyden after medical treatment, they return to the ship; Bortus and Klyden promise to give Topa the life he deserves.

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