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Sixteen Going On Seventeen

Charmian Carr & Dan Truhitte - The Sound of Music (Original Soundtrack Recording)

Kylden watches 'The Sound of Music' while eating ice cream to cure him of his depression.

Sixteen Going On Seventeen

Charmian Carr - The Sound of Music (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

(0:06) Kylden watches 'The Sound of Music' while eating ice cream to cure him of his depression.

The Bio-Ship/Exploring the Hull

Joel McNeely

The Orville stumble upon two-thousand years old ship, drifting through space, and set to collide with a nearby star in six months they decide to explore; (repeats) [0:36] Ed and the team take Tomilin and Kemka inside the Hull of the ship where they make their way to the bridge.

Exploring the Bio-Ship

Joel McNeely

An exploratory team consisting of Ed, Claire, Issac and Alara enters the bio-ship via shuttle; the team explore the exterior of the ship only to enter a vast ecosystem inside; the team decide to slip up into two teams to explore the ecosystem within the ship.

Finding Alara/Space Battle

Joel McNeely

Alara calls Ed to inform him that she's been shot; (continues) Ed, Claire, Issac and Tomilin find Alara bleeding out in a field; Claire tends to Alara wounds; the Orville takes on the Krill to protect the Druyan from transportees.

Dorahl/The Roof Opens

Joel McNeely

Isaac finds and plays a recording left 2,000 years ago by the final ship captain, Jahavus Dorahl, who explains the purpose of the bio-vessel what happen to ship and its inhabitants after leaving their home planet; (continues) Issac retracts the upper hull of the ship allowing for the inhabitants to experience nighttime while also revealing to all the truth of their world; Claire marvels at the sky and quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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