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Penthouse Serenade

Erroll Garner - Long Ago and Far Away

Pria tells senior officers her story as gather for drinks in Ed's quarters.

Rescuing Pria

John Debney

Ed, Kelly, Gordon and the bridge crew form a plan to rescue to a mining ship caught on a sun dive into a star; (continues) Ed, Alara and Gordan head down into the comet to rescue Pria in a shuttle; Alara and Ed break into the Horizon to rescue Pria; John manages to save the rescue crew from sun diving into the star as well with a tractor beam.

Searching Pria's Room/Dark Matter Storm/Navigating the Storm

John Debney

Kelly and Alara search Pria quarters for suspicious clues but are cut short when Pria arrives back; (repeats) [0:20] the Orville is rocked by collisions dark matter storm which Pria manages to save Orville ship and crew from by making the invisible particles visible for Gordon to navigate through; [0:21] Gordon unable to navigate through the dark matter storm Pria is allowed control of the helm to navigates them to safety.

Pria's Theme

John Debney

[played multiple times for Pria] Theme for consortium miner Pria Lavesque; the Orville crew receive a message from Pria on the ship, Horizon; [0:24] Pria and Ed kiss in the Environmental Simulation of Unuk 4; [0:34] Pria takes over the Orville as they reach the wormhole to the 29th century.

Approaching the Coordinates/Isaac Saves the Crew

John Debney

The Orville enters the wormhole to the 29th century; (continues) on the other side of the wormhole a Benzian ship wakes for Pria; Issac having uploaded his consciousness to the ship's computer contacts Ed and Kelly with a plan; Kelly attacks Pria as the rest of the crew attempt to fly the ship away from the Benzian ship and safely back to wormhole.

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