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The Midnight Special

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle, Vol. 2: Twenty Great CCR Classics (Remastered)

Gordon listens to music as Ed reads the intelligence briefing for the mission.

Distress Call

Joel McNeely

In the Mess Hall, Alara, Bortus, John and Isaac congregate as test Bortus' Moclan digestive system when their all called to the bridge due to a distress call; the Orville detect Kestra 4 being attacked by the Krill.

Krill Attack the Orville

Joel McNeely

The Krill ship stops attack Kestra 4 and turns its weapons on the Orville; With the Orville rapidly looking deflectors, Ed is forced to be innovative with his plans to defeat the Krill; Gordon and Bortus initiate Ed's plan to defeat and protect the colony; the Orville finds an intact Krill shuttle.

Midnight Special

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Willy and the Poor Boys

Ed and Gordan head into Krill Space; Ed attempts to review Admiral Ozawa intelligence report on the Krill, he asks for Gordon to turn off his music.

Bomb Found

Joel McNeely

Ed and Gordon decide to investigate the source of the magnetic interference and find an enormous Krill bomb several decks below them on.

Intruder Alert/Preparing the Weapon

Joel McNeely

Ed and Gordon enact their plan to cause discourse on the Yakra and stop the Krill's attack on Rana 3; an intruder alert is sounded for Ed; Ed knocks out the lights in Teleya's classroom and asks for her stay put with the children; Ed faces off against the Krill as he searches for Coja; the ship arrives at Rana 3; Haros calls for the weapon to be prepared for launch as Gordon watches.

Turning on the Lights/New Enemies

Joel McNeely

Ed manages to find Coja and races back to the classroom for the UV blast goes off; the Yakar fires on Rana 3 on Horas' orders; the UV blast emits, killing the Krill on board in lights path; Gordan manages to gain control of the ship's weapons array to fire torpedoes at the bomb; (repeats) [0:43] Teleya warns Ed that the children he save will be his enemy one day after his actions against the ship.

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