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Malmö I Mitt Hjärta

Sarah MacDougall - Grand Canyon

Damon burns the tour bus. Lily tells him where to find Elena's body. Damon writes to Elena. Lily checks in on Oscar. Valerie and Enzo plot against Julian's return. Bonnie resurrects Jo.


The Vaccines - English Graffiti (Deluxe)

00:05 Caroline catches Bonnie sneaking out of their room, the tries to talk her into playing hookie.

These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

Parquet Courts - Sunbathing Animal / Content Nausea

00:17 Caroline attempts to distract Nora and Mary Louise from killing co-eds by telling them about the Heaven & Hell party


Brand New - Mene - Single

00:25 At the Heaven & Hell party, Stefan compliments Caroline's costume; Mary Louise and Nora order drinks.

Sweet Sour

Band of Skulls - Sweet Sour

00:28 Damon asks Stefan for an update on the Mary Louise and Nora distraction.

West Coast


00:30 Caroline tells Stefan about Nora and Mary Louise's relationship issues while they watch the ladies party.


French for Rabbits

00:31 Nora and Mary Louise slow dance; Stefan promises to asks Valerie to reverse her vervain curse.

To Die For

The Bohicas - The Making Of (Bonus Track Version)

00:39 Stefan stops Mary Louise from snacking on a girl and shows her a picture of Oscar.

Where the Devil Don't Go

Elle King

00:40 Stefan drugs Mary Louise; Oscar demands for blood and freaks out as Damon is driving them to Lily's place.

What Good Is a Heart

Arum Rae - Waving Wild - EP

00:52 Mary Louise says she finds Nora's outrage adorable, then they apologize to each other and slow dance; Stefan assures Caroline he's not thinking about Valerie as they kiss.

Malmö I Mitt Hjärta

Sarah MacDougall

00:55 Lily and Damon burn the tour bus, then she tells him where to find Elena's body; Damon writes to Elena; Lily checks on Oscar; montage; Bonnie resurrects Jo.


5 Alarm Music

00:59 Episode 705 'Live Through This' promo. The composers of this song are Jai Freedom Lewis & Kevin Skaggs.

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