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Noah Gundersen - Carry the Ghost (Deluxe Edition)

00:03 Bonnie brings Alaric his classes' term papers, then asks to have the Phoenix Stone.


Noah Gundersen - Carry the Ghost (Deluxe Edition)

Bonnie stops by Alaric's place to check on him and Jo. She gives him his term papers and then asks for the Phoenix Stone so that she can figure out how she resurrected both Jo and Oscar.  

Can We Work It Out

Gordi - Clever Disguise - EP

00:04 Caroline and Stefan wake up in bed together, then are interrupted by Damon's arrival.



00:13 Caroline listens to music while reviewing flashcards, as Bonnie returns to their room.

Girl Crush

New Politics

00:14 While Stefan drives, Damon and Valerie discuss Julian and how she met Stefan.



00:52 Bonnie phones Alaric and tells him the soul in Jo's body isn't her.

I'll Never Go Away (feat. Gabe Dixon)

Erin McCarley - I'll Never Go Away (feat. Gabe Dixon) - Single

00:54 Stefan tells Caroline he's still in Mystic Falls and can't meet her for dinner.

Shake Hands With the Devil

Extreme Music - Stoner Rock 2

00:59 Episode 706 'Best Served Cold' promo.

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