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A Bird in a Gilded Cage (feat. Jaiden Kaine)

The Vampire Diaries Cast

(England - 1903) Beau drunkenly sings as he, Julian, Nora, and Mary Louise exit the Shoreman's Tavern and wait for the others when he's stabbed through the throat by Rayna.     

Ex's & Oh's

Elle King - Now That's What I Call Rock

00:04 Krystal dances around the mansion and pours drinks for herself and Damon; Damon rushes Krystal out the door when Bonnie drives up.

A Bird In A Gilded Cage


00:27 England, 1903 - Beau sings while leaving a bar with Julian, Mary Louise and Nora, then he's stabbed by Rayna.


Billie Marten - Writing of Blues and Yellows

00:43 Stefan enters Caroline's mind and distracts her with a romantic date.


Lights & Motion

00:52 The twins are delivered by caesarean section; Alaric holds his daughter.

The Highest Tide

The Wealthy West

00:56 Stefan drives out of Mystic Falls as Damon calls to inform him that Elena isn't dead and promises to fix things with The Huntress; Caroline phones Stefan and he promises to return to her; Alaric introduces Caroline to Josie and Elizabeth; in the future, Caroline takes the twins to New Orleans.

Don't You Wait

CLOVES - The Edge of Seventeen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Valerie tells Caroline about Stefan's first time; Coraline is trapped in the Salvatore house.

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