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Bakit 'Di Totohanin

Carol Banawa - Carol

Stefan looks at Damon's contact in his phone and comes to the realization that he may never speak to Damon again. Valerie goes to get more liquor when the bartender tells her he may be able to help. 

Stay Alive

José González - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Music From and Inspired By the Motion Picture)

00:01 Three years ago - Valerie tries to cheer up Stefan with a plan of world travel, as he contemplates how much time he might have left to live.

Kulay Ng Kalayaan

Jeck Pilpil & Peacepipe

00:14 The Philippines, Two years ago - Stefan and Valerie chase off their companion, then Valerie makes a toast to their one-year anniversary of leaving to travel the world.

Bakit Di Totohanin

Carol Banawa - 24/7 in Love (Songs Inspired by the Movie)

00:15 The Philippines, Two years ago - Stefan sees Damon's name in his contact list, which he deletes after telling Valerie it's unlikely he'll talk to Damon again; Valerie goes to get another bottle of alcohol and the bartender says he might be able to help them.

Little Do You Know

Alex & Sierra - It's About Us

00:35 The Philippines, Two years ago - Valerie tries to tell Stefan about the bartender's theory, but he distracts her with looking at the constellations; Stefan and Valerie kiss.

When It's All Over

RAIGN - When It's All Over - EP

00:56 Nora reveals she's been marked by Rayna, then Mary Louise casts a spell on the sword; Damon kneels over Stefan's body; Nora joins Mary Louise in casting the spell, then drive off the road and the car bursts into flames; Damon vows to save Stefan.

Don't Die Today

Raphael Lake & Royal Baggs

00:59 Episode 717 'I Went To The Woods' promo.

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