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Lick Twist & Bryce Fox - Horns (Lick Twist Remix) - Single

00:25 Bonnie works on hot wiring a car as Enzo phones and talks her into chasing him.

Like a Funeral

Erik Jonasson - Like a Funeral - Single

00:45 Matt sees a vision of Penny and begs her to take him with her, but she tells him he has a better life out there and needs to wake up.


Aquilo - Silhouette - Single

00:48 Caroline and Stefan kiss; Damon phones Bonnie and is gloating about saving her when he suddenly hears Elena's voice coming from The Armory.

Don't Panic


00:56 Caroline writes to Elena about finally getting into The Armory and finding it empty; Matt leaves Mystic Falls; Stefan writes about the missing person cases they're tracking; Damon and Enzo string up another victim.


Bryce Fox - Horns - Single

Bonnie works on hot wiring a car when Enzo calls her. He pleads with her to think of him instead of the others as to give them time to in act their plan while he leads her away from them.

Rock Rebel

New Orleans Bayou Band - Anarchy: Hard Kickin' Southern Rock

Damon, Stefan, Caroline, and Enzo are talking about Bonnie on the phone.

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