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Figure It Out

Royal Blood - Royal Blood

00:01 Stefan asks his boss for a few days off, then ends up compelling the guy.

The Sign

Ace of Base - Ace of Base: Classic Remixes Extended

00:08 Damon & Bonnie shop for groceries while discussing the possibility of someone else being around.

The Stars On Your Way

Brock Tyler

00:14 Enzo repeats the rules that Caroline laid out for him to follow.


The Maine

00:17 Elena talks up Caroline as she drives Liam & Stefan to the lake.

Bad Habit

The Kooks

00:24 Elena shows off on the lake swing.

Supersonic (feat. Sean Kingston)

Vava Voom - Supersonic (feat. Sean Kingston) - Single

00:28 Elena runs into Jeremy at the lake and confronts him about hanging out with Sarah; Matt runs into Jay who questions the 'dog bite' story.

I Swear

All-4-One - Just Friends (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:32 Damon looks around the grocery store and finds Kai eating pork rinds; continues as Kai complains about how much Damon & Bonnie bicker; Kai talks about how alcohol affects Damon, then says he wants to kill him.

Like You Like That

The Silverman Brothers

00:36 Caroline compels a girl to go get more ice, then accuses Jeremy of pretending not to care about Bonnie.

Say Anything

Ashley Nite

00:46 Caroline confronts Stefan about his plans to start over, then asks him to stay; Elena comforts a crying Caroline.

Something to Believe


00:51 Jeremy asks the girl Caroline compelled why she didn't bring back ice.

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