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People Change

Joel & Luke - People Change - Single

Joel & Luke is the former name of the band For King & Country.

Love My Way

Cruel Black Dove

Party starts. Tyler apologizes to his mother.

People Change

for KING & COUNTRY - Crave

Caroline sees Matt with another girl and dragged by Tyler for a drink, then she recieves a text from Jeremy that says it's her turn to do the work.


Tawgs Salter

Jeremy offers Bonnie a ride home. Elena tells Stefan she needs to feel safe before they can be together.

Head Over Heels

Digital Daggers - The Vampire Diaries

Katherine asks Stefan to dance.

On Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix)

Gorillaz - The Vampire Diaries

Matt gets Tyler to keep drinking before they are dragged off to the party by a pair a girls.

Passion and Danger

The Vampire Diaries Cast

Damon locks Katherine in the tomb.

Rose's Theme

Michael Suby

Damon locks Katherine in the tomb.

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