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Ra Ra Riot

Jenna tells Alaric about the project she's helping with.

Let's Go Surfing

The Drums - The Drums

Jules asks about Tyler at the Mystic Grill as Damon and Alaric watch.

Quarry Hymns

Land of Talk - Cloak and Cipher

Damon offers Jules his help tracking down Mason, then finally convinces her to take a sip of the wolfsbane-laced drink.

This Time Next Year

Goldhawks - Trick of Light (Bonus Track Version)

Caroline tries to reassure Tyler about Mason as she drives him out to the woods.

I'm Alright

Agent Ribbons - Chateau Crone

Alaric flirts with Jules, then Damon chases him off.

Everything At Once

Superchunk - Majesty Shredding

Damon and Jules talk about Mason.

Longest Night

Howie Day - Sound the Alarm (Bonus Track Version)

Tyler transforms back and Caroline comes back. Stefan and Elena reunite.

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