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the vampire diaries

Damon and Elena are talking in the kitchen. Elena proceeds to tell Damon how sorry she is for Katherine's death because Damon "lost her too."



Stefan comforts Elena after the football game

You're a Wolf

Sea Wolf - Leaves in the River

Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Elena, and Bonnie talk in Elena's living room. Matt talks about Vicki with Jeremy.

Can't Fight It

Oh Mercy - Privileged Woes

Bonnie and Elena prepare dinner for Stefan

Blue Day

Darker My Love

Playing in Damon's car when he drops off Caroline at cheerleading practice.

Slow Poison

The Bravery - Stir the Blood (Bonus Track Version)

Bonnie is telling Elena that she's got a bad feeling when it comes to Stefan.

Never Say Never

The Fray - Through the Years: The Best of the Fray

Elena and Stefan write in their diaries; Jeremy in his room.

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