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Thinking Of You

Pete Yorn

25:41 Lexi comes out of bathroom with towel on

Feel It In My Bones (feat. Tegan & Sara)

Tiësto - Feel It In My Bones (feat. Tegan & Sara) - Single

During the party in the Mystic Grill, Caroline talks to Damon about the crystal.

Escape Me (feat. C.C. Sheffield)

Tiësto - Kaleidoscope (Bonus Track Version)

Caroline asks Bonnie for the crystal back,.Stefan tells Matt he tried to help Vicki. Damon insults Caroline. Stefan and Lexi dance.

Open Arms

Gary Go - Gary Go (Bonus Track Version)

Wrong episode. This played in episode 7.


Telekinesis - Telekinesis! (Bonus Track Version)

Elena arrives at the Mystic Grill. Stefan and Lexi are playing pool while Damon talks to Elena.

Happy Birthday

The Birthday Massacre

After Lexi says Happy Birthday to Stefan.

Too Close - Radio Edit

Mads Langer - Too Close

(0:28) Elena arrives at a table in the Mystic Grill; Lexi goes to the bar to take shots.

All the World

Fauxliage - Fauxliage

Drunk Caroline and Matt talk in the Mystic Grill.


Switchfoot - Hello Hurricane

Matt and Caroline talk at her house.

Too Close (Radio Edit)

Mads Langer & Mike Sheridan

Elena arrives at a table in the Mystic Grill and Lexi goes to the bar to get a few shots.

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