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Look Inside

The Dig

When Anna and Jeremy talk at the Mystic Grill.

Cosmic Love

Florence + The Machine - MTV Presents Unplugged 2012: Florence + the Machine (Live)

Alaric flashes back about Isobel. Damon drives Elena to Georgia.

An End Has a Start

Editors - An End Has a Start

Song playing on the radio as Elena wakes up in Damon's car.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Black Mustang

Song playing as they enter Bree's Bar.

Can't Stop These Tears (From Falling)

The Black Hollies

At Bree's Bar, Bree toasts Damon, then explains to Elena how they had met.


Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions

Bree and Damon are talking about the tomb and Emily's spell. Damon trying to find an alternate way into the tomb.

On a Mission

The Dandelions

Song playing on the radio when Damon and Elena arrive at Bree's bar.


The Steps

Elena talking to Stefan outside, Damon asks Elena if she's ok, Bree makes a phone call saying they'll never guess who walked into her bar.

Pepper Spray

The Upsidedown - Trust Electricity

At Bree's Bar when they eat and drink.

The Night Before

The Stereotypes

Elena and Damon drinking shots at Bree's Bar.

Out of the Blue

Julian Casablancas - Phrazes for the Young

Elena and Damon in the car driving home.

Nothing Is Logical

The Bell - Make Some Quiet

Alaric at the Mystic Grill grading papers, when Damon walks up to the bar counter. Alaric has a flashback of what happened to his wife. Damon drinking Isobel's blood.

Only One

Alex Band

When Damon confronts and kills Bree in her bar.

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