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You Give Love a Bad Name

Bon Jovi - This Left Feels Right

Stefan and Lexi are dancing and drinking.


Olivia Broadfield

Everyone's' names are called during the Graduation Ceremony.

Dance in the Graveyards

Delta Rae - Carry the Fire (Deluxe Version)

Elena, Jeremy, and Alaric are eating lunch together.


Cary Brothers - Under Control (Bonus Track Version)

Elena tells Damon that he is the worst choice she will ever make but that she loves him and they kiss.

When I Was Younger

Liz Lawrence - Bedroom Hero

Stefan tells Damon that he's not happy about Elena but that he's not sad for him. Jeremy tells Bonnie that he's ready to cross over. Alaric congratulates Damon. Lexi and Stefan are on the road.

In the Stream

S. Carey

Bonnie tells Jeremy goodbye after bringing him back to life and for him to tell everyone else that she's with her Mom for the summer. Matt agrees to take a trip with Rebekah.

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