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Hot Blood

Kaleo - A / B

00:01 Stefan drags a 'drink' into the bar and comments on Damon's distraction; Damon receives a call from Sybil.

On a Dais

Wylderness - Wylderness

00:05 Seline tells Caroline and Bonnie about Sybil's plan to assemble the bell.

She Used to Be Mine

Sara Bareilles - What's Inside: Songs from Waitress

00:26 Caroline drags Damon outside to the dance, in an attempt to remind him of Elena; Enzo asks Bonnie if she would want to become a vampire if she was tied to Elena; Stefan and Sybil cut in on Damon and Caroline; Bonnie gives Enzo back the necklace; continues as Damon tells Sybil the location of the striker.

You Got It

Nevada Wild

00:34 Seline tells Dorian that only someone from Matt's family can ring the bell.

Six Feet Under

Billie Eilish - Six Feet Under - Single

00:50 Caroline watches as Stefan resuscitates, then he informs her he doesn't want to quit working for Cade in a year; Caroline gives back Stefan's ring and tells him to stay away from her until he remembers what happiness is.

Light Me Up

Ingrid Michaelson - It Doesn't Have to Make Sense

00:55 Enzo returns the necklace to Bonnie and they agree to make the most of the years they have together; Bonnie asks Enzo if he would want to take the vampire cure.

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