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Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)

The Penguins - Best of the Penguins: The Mercury Years

Seline and Sybil call a truce at a diner. Sybil asks her sister to make amends, which goes array when both of them refuses to apologize for their past mistakes and begin to argue when Cade arrives.

All the Pretty Girls


00:01 While lying in bed, Caroline gets a call from Bonnie asking for advice on Enzo; Bonnie jogs to Caroline's house.

Enjoy the Silence

Anberlin - Lost Songs

00:13 Bonnie and Caroline return to Damon's subconscious and run into Vicki.

Ludlow Expectations

Butch Walker - Stay Gold

00:15 Caroline and Bonnie discuss why Vicki is in Damon's subconscious, then spot Sheriff Forbes.

Baleen Morning

Balmorhea - Balmorhea

00:28 While in Damon's mind, Bonnie visits her Grandmother and asks for help locating Damon.

Everything Has Grown

Colouring - Symmetry - EP

00:55 Damon recites the letter he wrote to Bonnie, then he apologizes to her for leaving and promises it won't happen again.

Earth Angel

The Penguins - Earth Angel The Best of The Penguins

00:58 Sybil asks Seline if they can some to a truce, then Cade arrives as they descend into bickering.

Chit Chat

Michael Suby

Damon apologizes to Matt.

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