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Don't Owe You a Thang

Gary Clark Jr. - The Bright Lights - EP

Rebekah is at the Mystic Grill talking to Mayor Lockwood. Damon and Stefan are at the bar.


The Strange Familiar

Wrong episode. This plays in episode 19.

Snakeskin Heart

Black Daniel

Damon and Stefan leave Rebekah at the bar.

Be the Song

Foy Vance

Alaric talks to Elena about what she and Matt did and about taking care of each other. Elena reads Samantha's diary.

Let's Dance

The Gods of Macho - The Gods of Macho

Stefan, Damon, and Rebekah are talking in a bar and Rebekah was trying to ask them about where some records of trees are.

Black Magic

Magic Wands - Aloha Moon (Deluxe Edition)

Damon is talking with Stefan while playing with darts and then Rebekah interrupts them.

How It Starts

The Features

Rebekah tells Damon how she knew Sage and then Stefan gets up to leave.

The Argument

Aidan Hawken - Temporary Heart - EP

Elena is talking with Matt about her relationship with the Salvatores. Alaric returns home. Damon returns to the mansion to find Stefan.

Poison & Wine

The Civil Wars - Something Borrowed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Elena first wakes up in her bed and calls Stefan, he ignores her call so she calls Damon.

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