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Don't Give Up

Ferras - Aliens & Rainbows

Elena and Caroline are in their dorm talking about Megan and her death.

Better Life

Paper Route

Caroline and Elena arrive at their Bio class.

Say Now

The Rival - The Rival

Jeremy, Matt, and Katherine are at the gas station.

Love Always End In A Cliche

Dale Campbell

Matt heads into the gas station to buy medicine for Katherine.


Ellie Goulding - Halcyon (Deluxe)

Damon tells Caroline about Silas at the party. Elena asks Jesse about Dr. Maxfield.

This Moment Now

Tyrone Wells - Beautiful World - EP

Caroline and Jesse are talking about their relationships.

When A Man Feels Like A Woman

Pier Branch

Stefan stops in at the gas station for a drink.

Don't Deserve You


Damon and Elena talk, then kiss before heading off to find Stefan. Damon receives a call from Sheriff Forbes.

Evil Ways

Blues Saraceno - Garage Blues

Promo for next episode.

When It’s Real (Love Theme)

Michael Suby

At the beginning, Bonnie is telling Jeremy what happened to her father.

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