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Ache (Demo Version)

James Carrington - No Man's Land

Jeremy tells Elena that he won't let Alaric harm her. Elena finishes painting the room, but then stops as she groans in pain before passing out.

Tied Up

Middle Class Rut - 25 Years

Klaus throw pieces of a picket fence at Damon.


James Carrington

Elena faints repainting after Jeremy tells her he will never allow Alaric to kill her to end his own life, a life he never wanted.

Act On Impulse

We Were Promised Jetpacks

Damon and Stefan talk in the car and agree that whoever Elena doesn't choose will leave town.


The Gods of Macho - Play 5 Songs - EP

Alaric drags Caroline after catching up to her at her car and snapping her neck.


Analogue Revolution

Stefan and Damon walk Elena back to her house after saving her from Klaus. Elena tells them that choosing one of them means losing the other and that she can't bear to lose anyone else in her life.

Rose's Theme

Michael Suby

Klaus asks Elena "Who would you have picked?"

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