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You Don't Know

Brooke Annibale - Words in Your Eyes EP

Elena is writing in her diary.

Send Him to Me

Barbara Brown - Soul Queens

Playing in the background while Katherine talks to Nadia.

Bad Things


Caroline and Tyler arrive at the Whitmore Ball. Stefan asks Caroline to dance. Elena talks to Damon about Bonnie dying.

Most Wanted


Tessa approaches Stefan at the ball after she arrives.

Never Tear Us Apart

Cary Brothers

Silas talks and dances with Qetsiyah/Tessa at the ball. Tyler and Caroline talk while they dance.

Waves That Rolled You Under

Young Summer

Elena dances with Dr. Maxfield at the ball.

Au Revoir


Caroline begs Tyler to stay. She gives him an ultimatum. Tyler leaves.

The Touch

Welshly Arms - Welshly Arms

5x06 'Handle With Care' promo.

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