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Love Don't Die

The Fray - Through the Years: The Best of the Fray

@ 03:30 Beginning of the episode: The girls try to cheer Elena up after her break up with Damon. Damon is drinking at the Mystic Grill with the boys.

Come Save Me

Jagwar Ma

@ 05:00 The girls join the guys at the Salvatore house as they drink and share stories about Katherine.

Caroline's Confession

Micheal Suby

Klaus and Caroline in the woods. Then they have sex

Illusory Light

Sarah Blasko

@ 30:45 Stefan gets ready to say goodbye to Katherine; She has a flashback of her father dying and Stefan tells her that she should die in peace.

Let Her Go

Passenger - All the Little Lights

@ 33:40 Damon and Stefan talk about Katherine and Elena. The group reunites at the Salvatore mansion, including Vicki, Alaric, and Tyler. Katherine dies for a second.

Soften and Shake

Olivia Broadfield

Stefan and Caroline are talking

I'm a Man

Black Strobe

Enzo gets up from the middle of the road, damon comes and kill somebody.

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