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Tongue Tied

Grouplove - Never Trust a Happy Song

@ 00:50 Katherine tells Matt that she took over Elena's body.

21 Flights

Heavy English - 21 Flights - Single

@ 05:30 Matt asks Tyler if he's seen his phone.


Datarock - Datarock Datarock

@ 06:40 Matt tells Tyler that he's throwing a welcome back party for him. Caroline cleans the fireplace.

Flirting With Thieves

Heavy English

@ 11:20 Damon and Stefan are at the Mystic Grill talking about Katherine and Elena when Caroline tells them that she can't find Elena anywhere.

Your Body Is a Weapon

The Wombats - Glitterbug (Deluxe Version)

@ 16:50 Katherine tries to enter the house. She talks to Matt and then Stefan. 

Thunder Clatter

Wild Cub - Perez Hilton Presents Pop Up! #5

@ 21:50 Caroline tells Katherine that she slept with Klaus.

Live in This City

Dragonette - Bodyparts (Bonus Track Version)

@ 21:15 Damon arrives to the party, but needs to be invited in the house.


Lorde - Pure Heroine (Extended)

@ 34:55 Matt and Tyler talk after the party. Katherine kills the traveler.

Soften and Shake

Olivia Broadfield

@ 38:05 Stefan and Caroline talk. She tells him to call her a horrible person.

I'm a Man

Black Strobe

@ 39:35 Enzo and Damon run into Aaron. Damon attacks him.

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