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Best Day of My Life

American Authors - Island Life Dance, Vol. 2

@ 00:45 Katherine writes in her diary.

Who I Belong To

Pink Frost

@ 05:50 Katherine gets Nadia to help her get Matt's advice on what Elena would say and do.

Lady in Waiting

U.S. Royalty - Blue Sunshine

@ 08:45 Enzo and Damon visit Diane in her cell and ask her where Wes is. Enzo kills her.

I Want It All

Jules Larson - Let's Stay Young

@ 11:55 Katherine asks Caroline about which earrings she should wear.

It Ain't Over

The Rival - The Rival

@ 13:45 Tyler is at the Mystic Grill talking to Matt. He asks Nadia to take shots with him.

Female Robbery

The Neighbourhood - I Love You.

@ 14:45 Tyler, Matt, and Nadia drink shots together.

Best Part of Me

St Leonards

@ 18:15 Katherine and Caroline arrive at the ball. Katherine dances with Stefan.

Ever Love



Beer Pressure

Wildcat Strike

@ 20:35 Tyler warns Matt that Nadia has been compelling him.

Love Me Again

John Newman

@ 22:25 Bonnie and Damon arrive at the Bitter Ball. Caroline and Stefan talk about Damon falling off the wagon.


Little Daylight

@ 24:55 Katherine asks Nadia's opinion on if she should let Jeremy die or not.



@ 26:55 Katherine asks Stefan for help in saving Jeremy.

Say Something

A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera - Is There Anybody Out There?

@ 36:55 Stefan talks to Katherine about Damon and how he doesn't want to lose the person Damon had become. Katherine tells him that she'll help save Damon.

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