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String Quartet No. 4: V. Meditation

Kronos Quartet - Vasks: String Quartet No. 4

00:01 First song plays on the river at night, and into the opening credits.


Plaid - Scintilli

00:10 The children climb the fence of the church, and run away as one of the nuns chases after them.

If Only My Heart Were Wide Like the Sea

Bruno Bavota - The Secret of the Sea

00:26 The children return to the church after having had run away. Continues in present day as the pope walks with Sister Mary.

Going Backwards to Recover That Which Was Left Behind

Christina Vantzou - No.2

00:33 The pope them to prepare the Sistine Chapel and that the time has come to address the cardinals.

Sexy and I Know It

LMFAO - Sorry for Party Rocking (Deluxe Version)

00:34 The Pope gets dressed and prepares himself for addressing the cardinals.

Song for Athene - John Tavener (b.1944)

Ars Nova Singers - A Shadow and a Dream

00:38 Lenny is carried into the Sistine Chapel to address the Cardinals

Logan's Loop

Andrew Bird - I Want to See Pulaski at Night

Lenny and Dussolier escape the Vatican in search of Voielle’s town apartment

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