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A Losing Battle

Johnny Adams - I Won't Cry

Batiste talks to the band members outside club

I'm Walkin'

Rebirth Brass Band - Feel Like Funkin' It Up

Desautel and Jacques at Maple Leaf

Blues By Five

Miles Davis - Cool Down!

Delmond and Woodrow talk over dinner

Li'l Liza Jane

Brassy Knoll

McAlary is usurped at BK gig

What Do I Get? (Live)

Buzzcocks - What Do I Get? (Live)

Desautel returns to Lucky Peach

Gaurdians Coming Through

Delmond & Donnald Harris et al

Delmond and Donald listen to final mix in the studio


Harold Battiste & The American Jazz Quintet

WWOZ plays in McAlary's house at night; Annie wakes from dream

Red Beans

Coleman Hawkins - Red's Blues

Delmond listens to jazz at home


Ohio Players - Pain

LaDonna visits Ernest's bar to sell glassware

March of the Pony Girls

Tom McDermott - Almost Native

McAlary & Aunt Mimi settle up in bar

Indian Summer

Aurora Nealand & The Royal Roses - Comeback Children

Hidalgo at Irvin Mayfield's Jazz Playhouse

Ferry Man

Aurora Nealand & The Royal Roses - The LookBack Transmission

Hidalgo at Irvin Mayfield's Jazz Playhouse


Donald Harrison Jr. - New Orleans Gumbo (feat. Dr. John)

McAlary & Annie watch the Indian Band at Jazz Fest


Donald Harrison Jr. & Dr. John - Indian Blues

McAlary & Annie watch the Indian Band at Jazz Fest

First You Cry

Lil' Band O' Gold - Lil' Band O Gold

Bernettes at home on porch; Jazz Fest music can be heard in the distance

Where Ya At?

Wanda Rouzan

Wanda Rouzan plays Jazz Fest

Chiec Ao Baba

Vietnamese Karaoke

Sonny in a Vietnamese bar

The True

Brassy Knoll

Brassy Knoll plays a final gig

Oye, Isabel

The Iguanas - Nuevo Boogaloo

The Iguanas play Jazz Fest


Lil Queenie

Desautel talks to McAlary at fairgrounds

Do Watcha Wanna

Robert & his young kids band

Batiste leads the school band for a street gig

Shotgun Joe

Rebirth Brass Band - Ultimate Rebirth Brass Band

Bernette & Sofia see Rebirth at Maple Leaf

Last of the Chicken Wings

Hamid Drake - Palm of Soul

McAlary visits Jeffy Jeff at OZ

Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams

Louis Armstrong - The Best of Louis Armstrong, Vol. 3

McAlary guest DJs at WWOZ; montage of characters across the city

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