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Shooting the Rapids

5 Alarm Music

Terry is driving in his truck.

Spell of Wheels

Peter Case - Full Service, No Waiting

Closing time at Merlotte's when Sam yells at Daphne.

Sex and Candy

Marcy Playground

Jessica gets dressed for Merlotte's.

Me Caí


Marilyn prepares the food for the party.

Willin' to Crawl

Johnny Neel - Late Night Breakfast

Eggs is talking with Tara about playing the guitar.

Sex & Candy

Marcy Playground - Whatever: Hits of the '90s

Jessica walks into Merlotte’s and meets Hoyt.

What's a Man to Do

The Mule Newman Band - Actin' Up!

Sam leaves Tara the message.

When the Fire Starts to Burn

Sonny Ellis

Jessica orders O+ and Hoyt realizes she's a vampire.

Iced Ages

DJ? Acucrack

Sookie agrees on the $10,000 to go to Dallas.

Destiny Complete

The Angel & Mystic

Tara is upset at Eggs after a women throws herself onto him in the hot tub.

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