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As I Am

Curtis Harding - Face Your Fear

In the cold open, Alan and Joy undress for each other as Joy flashes back to her bike accident.

What Would You Do

Joan As Police Woman - The Classic

This plays over the opening credits

Honey, Let Me Know

MarthaGunn - Honest / Honey, Let Me Know - Single

Joy walks out of the hospital without crutches, Alan knocks and talks to Neil.


Alice Boman - Heartbeat - Single

Joy rides her bicycle for the first time after her accident.

Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby

Cigarettes After Sex - I. - EP

Alan and Joy argue and at the silence ending their fight, this song plays. Joy goes to the gym and looks at herself in the mirror before hydrotherapy.

Regulate (feat. Nate Dogg)

Warren G - Whatever: Hip Hop Hits of the '90s

Claire shows Alan this song, then they rock out to it, while they are getting stoned.

I'm So Sorry

Aldous Harding - Party

After a discussion with Alan about Rita and Neil separating, Joy floats in the pool and later flirts with Marvin.


morgxn - Home - Single

Song from the official BBC Wanderlust trailer.

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