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Foolish Lover

Leather Girls

A truancy officer rounds up students in a pizza joint. They take Del by mistake.

Flying Up A Mountain

Sweet Apple - Love & Desperation

When Wayne rescues Del from the high school.


Matt Hirt

At the job site, Geller interrogates Eric.

Tongues (feat. Kopps)

Joywave - How Do You Feel Now?

Wayne arrives at the school dance.


Sun June

Del watches high school students and kinda feels like she's missing out. She wants to go to the dance.

A Thousand Miles

Vanessa Carlton - The Bridge School Collection, Vol. 2 (Live)

During the fight between Daddy, Teddy, and Carl and the high school kids.

Short of the Shore

Moros Eros

Wayne realizes that Del bought a ticket to Los Angeles and starts to question her feelings for him.

Tipsy (Remix)

J-Kwon - The Tipsy Remixes

Wayne dances for Del.

Wake Up

Fialta - Hell Niño - EP

Girls get ready for the dance.

Can't Stop Thinking

Buva - Not Scary! Friendly

Wayne watches sweet old couple in pizza joint. Decides to go with Del to the dance.

Tipsy (Radio Mix)

J-Kwon - Jermaine Dupri Presents... So So Def 25

Wayne asks Del to dance. She says yes and all the students go crazy.

Give It All You Got

Josh Mobley - Hands Up!

Del agrees to dance with Wayne.


Zack Tempest

At the end, Gellar, and Jay watch the video of Teddy, Carl, and Bobby beating up Wayne.

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