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My Love Has a Home

Dawn Mitschele - Silence the Noise - EP

Slow dance & montage at Bronco Billy's.


Martin Rivas

is this susie's dance at the reunion?

When You Walked In


First dance (country, upbeat, with crowd around Jimmy and Faith) at Bronco Billy's the first time they go.

Straight to Memphis

Club des Belugas - Forward

Class reunion dance-off.

Kiss You

Dawn Mitschele - In the Moonlight

This is the practice in the studio after Faith ditches her Valentine's date early and comes back to find Jimmy practicing.

Let's Dance

Peer Taraldsen

Opening Scene dance montage and again later somewhere...

What Are You Waiting For

Jeremy Abbott, Louise Bernadette Dowd

Faith's freestyle dance class at the studio with kids, before her first practice session with Jimmy. Also, closing credits. I believe the proper title of this track is Big Wide World.

Philly Lurve

Steven Martin

Coretta sees Harold for the first time. Great acting!!!!

Choros Tis Leventias

The Athenians - 20 Best Syrtakis from Greece

The 'fake' date between Jimmy and Faith at the Greek restaurant for the revenge post.

Only One

Johnny Stimson

Rooftop dance montage. Great song, great segment of the movie, things are moving along with Jimmy and Faith!

Stuck on you


Plays to take us into the studio's fundraiser in the beginning.

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