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Oh, Ramona!

Jean Gavril, Geneva - Oh, Ramona!

La musica de inicio/The beginning.

Just a Boy

Valeria Stoica - I Don't Like Roses

Andrei and Ramona are in love and on a date. The moment before Anemona texts that she's coming.

Dark Ambient Pressure

Vladimir Coman Popescu

Andrei convida Anémona para sair

Warm Feelings

Vladimir Coman Popescu

Andrei walks into the bar.

Can't Help Falling In Love

Serban Cazan

Andrei is singing this song to Anemona at the beach. Original song is made by Elvis Presley.

Anemona Left

Vladimir Coman Popescu

(1:39) Inside the car, Ramona and BJ.

Just My Luck

Deja Who - Just My Luck - Single

At the second party, Andrein and Ramona talk and dance.

Hit the Gas

Iova - Hit the Gas - Single

Andrei goes back in time to when he saw Ramona dance in the club.

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