Mi Cielo

Gabriel Montes - Authentic South America, Vol. 9: Colombia

The Woman and her kids walking to school in Bogota, Colombia.

La Donna E Mobile

Giuseppe Verdi, Daryl Neil Alexander Griffith

The Cook's kitchen; (repeats) The Agent In Charge talks to The Cook, then kills him.

Let Me See It

Grant Edward Palmer

Sex club, the Man takes matters into his own hands.

Pasillo Monserrate

Gabriel Montes - Authentic South America, Vol. 9: Colombia

The Farmer picks up equipment, The Woman and her kids get on a bus.

Vola Pajarito

Gabriel Montes - Authentic South America, Vol. 9: Colombia

The Farmer, The Woman, and their kids arrive in the cocaine fields.

Tierra Caliente

APM Music

Montage of The Farmer and The Woman making cocaine.

Divertimento No. 15 Bb-maj. k.287-Adagio

APM Music

The Cook's house, he talks to his wife.

State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.)

Jim James - Regions of Light and Sound of God

Montage of The man on a cocaine binge with hookers.

Jazz Club Blues

Warner/Chappell Production Music

The Snitch visits The Man in his apartment and finds two dead hookers.

Cumbia Cafe

APM Music

The Cook arrives at the airport in Bogota.

La Maquina

APM Music

At a restaurant, The Farmer sells cocaine to The Cook.

Amigos De Cama

Alfredo Fernandez - El Galan de la Plebada

At the docks, the Colombian mules hand off the cocaine to the Mexican mule. The Mexican mule sings the song in his truck as he drives to Monterrey.

Amor Del Sol

APM Music

Mexican mule picks up a hooker at Mexican strip club, they have sex at his motel.

El Adiós del Soldado (Instrumental Version)

Carlos Periguez - Authentic México

At a dinner, The Boss dines with a Mexican politician he doesn't care for.

La Bendecida

Norbert Denis Galouo, Jose Miguel Ortegon Tovar

In new drug mule's car, he drives to the next location.

Angel Boy

William Bolton - Highlights

In new drug mule's car; (continues) in the club, drug mule gets held up by a dealer.

Aunque lo niegues

José A. Morales - Serenata Colombiana Volume 1

At residence, the new drug mule gets killed at dinner. The Cook delivers the stolen cocaine.

La Rosa Y El Latigo

Liza Carbe, Jean-Pierre Durand

The new drug mule buys a bus ticket and travels from Monterrey, Mexico to Sonora, Mexico.

I'm Not the Devil

Magnets & Ghosts - Be Born

Another drug mule flies from Tecate, Mexico and skydives into Death Valley, CA.


Didier Antonin Georges Malherbe, Shyamal Maitra

The Cook pays a visit to The Man and The Snitch.

I Make This Look Good


The Man walks through a club and offers a sample of cocaine to some girls who use in the bathroom.

Cafe Boy

Ben James Parsons

The Man walks triumphantly through a hotel lobby not realizing he's being watched.

Bella Luna

Steven Paul Glotzer

In a hotel bar, The Executioner is being watched.

Pronto Vamo a Llega (feat. Tumbao)

Mr. Pauer - Orange

The Woman takes her kids to school. The Farmer begins his journey to deliver cocaine over and over again.

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