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96 Quite Bitter Beings

CKY - Camp Kill Yourself, Vol.1

17 year old AJ Galante grows into a hard-hitting high school hockey player. After his father serves a year in prison for tax fraud, AJ wished to impress his tough-guy dad.

Warning Signs

Dick Flood - Dick Flood: 1961-1967

In the 8th grade, AJ is forced to spend Christmas without his father, who is serving a one year sentence in prison.

Bad Guys

Paul Williams - Bugsy Malone (Original Soundtrack)

Montage of the Trashers minor league hockey team gained their bad boy reputation.


Pat Knox - Union

AJ rolls up to the ice arena in the custom Trashers Bus, making his entrance for his first big press conference

You Give a Little Love

Paul Williams - Bugsy Malone (Original Soundtrack)

Former owner, GM, players and fans reminisce on the significance the Trashers had on their lives and the appreciation they had for being a part of the team.

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