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Jessie's Girl

Rick Springfield - Written In Rock: The Rick Springfield Anthology

Jenna gets ready for her party. Also plays as Jenna arrives at Matt's house before his wedding

Ice Ice Baby

Vanilla Ice - Vanilla Ice Is Back! - Hip Hop Classics

Ads Carlson does a striptease for Jenna.

Love Is a Battlefield

Pat Benatar - Throwback Tunes: 80s

Jenna & the girls during their sleepover.


Michael Jackson - The Essential Michael Jackson

Jenna dances to this song before her guests arrive for her party. Also plays during the Poise party when Jenna tries to liven things up.


Billy Joel - 12 Gardens Live

montage of Jenna going home. Jenna on train, then arriving home, then going into basement closet and as her parents come home from their cruise.

Why Can't I?

Liz Phair

montage of Matt & Jenna's photo shoot project.

Crazy for You

Madonna - Celebration (Deluxe Video Edition)

plays as Jenna waits in the closet as the 6 chicks and the boys sneak out of her party. Also plays as Jenna returns to her childhood - cut to her future with Matt.

Head over Heels

Go-Go's, The Go-Go's - Talk Show

Opening number; (repeats) Jenna goes to find Matt.

Head over Heels

The Go-Go's & Go-Go's - Talk Show

opening number. Also plays when Jenna goes to find Matt.

Head Over Heels

The Go-Go's - Return to the Valley of The Go-Go's

opening number. Also plays when Jenna goes to find Matt.

Chick A Boom Boom Boom


00:42 Jenna and Lucy are drinking cocktails at the bar. Jenna goes over to talk to the guy, but talks to the kid instead.

Mad About You

Belinda Carlisle

Tom Tom put this in the player to get Matt to stop dancing

Matt's Casio Jam

Daniel Pinder

Matt starts to play this as Jenna throws tantrum in the closet

Pachelbel - Canon in D

Johann Pachelbel

01:30 Jenna is sitting by Matt's dollhouse as he's about to get married. She looks through all the rooms in the dollhouse.

Keep It Simple (Stupid)

Daniel Lenz

Jenna drinks her dacquiri

Good Day

Luce - How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

montage of Jenna shopping, then walking in the park, then reading "Publishing For Dummies".

Chick a Boom Boom Boom (feat. David Fathead Newman)

Mocean Worker - Enter the Mowo!

plays in the taxi as Jenna is reunited with Chris Grandy

Tainted Love

Soft Cell - Trials of Eyeliner: Anthology 1979-2016

Jenna talks to girls about her evening with Matt.

Pachelbel's Canon In D Major

Johann Pachelbel - The World's Most Beautiful Wedding Music

plays as Jenna sits on her porch with the house that MAtt made for her.

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