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Warm It Up Kane

Big Daddy Kane

01:09 First song playing in the club. Monty (Edward Norton) buys them all champagne.

Flava In Ya Ear

Craig Mack - Hip Hop Classics

01:11 Second song playing in the club. Monty (Norton) is talking to Jacob (Hoffman) about his student.

Put the Music Where Your Mouth Is

Olympic Runners

01:16 Third song playing in the club. The DJ is playing it while everyone is dancing. Mixed with 'White Lines'.

White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)

Grandmaster and Melle Mel

01:16 Playing in the club on the dancefloor. Remixed by the DJ with 'Put Your Music Where Your Mouth Is'


Liquid Liquid - Chef (Original Soundtrack Album)

01:17 Frank and Monty talk about getting the money above the dance floor at the club. Monty talks about going to jail.


Cymande - Cymande

01:21 Mary (Anna Paquin) is moving through the club in slow motion dancing. She goes over and sits on Jacob but he tells her to get off.


Cymande - Cymande

01:32 Jacob is brought into the room with the Russians. This song plays in the background as they discuss jail and Jacob's father.

The Message

Cymande - Cymande

01:37 The Russians bring in Kostya and beat him. They tell Jacob he is the reason he went to jail. Jacob holds the gun to Kostya's head after realizing he betrayed him.

The Fuse

Bruce Springsteen - The Rising

02:03 First song in end credits.

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